Friday, October 07, 2005

Random thoughts over the week

yes...this week's rp job for me has been relatively enjoyable...partly because i've got lots more to chat about...ha. ya, funny thing happened today when uncle johnson asked me to help him draw ah-hem type of comics in the future...and wad an apt way to ask: while i was in facing the urinal doing my business. well...if there's monetary returns, i wouldn't mind...AT ALL! it's art anyway...ha. and ACCORDING to uncle johnson, it's for a good cause. i do hope he was serious and wasn't in a state of drunken stupor. i think it should not be lor, i think it should be more of a "xing xue lai chao" when he saw me walk past him in which my destination is the loo.

oh ya, i find it very impossible to sleep in the rp guardrest. today was my second time going there to take a breather and snooze out for a while after manning the metal detector for straight be more exact, it's from 8.30am to that is 7hours.

anyway, i am happy enough to be able to eat my favourite za jiang mian and jiu cai he zi which i haven swallowed since 2 months plus ago...yup.

oh, my blasted ulcer still hasn't healed at all!

there is a new rp ic(was there even one before?!)...

my new nickname is morgan(if u have a deprived childhood, it's one of the teddies in bananas in pyjamas), go figure why. why am i associated with teddy bears?