Tuesday, July 12, 2005

CNA interview day

yes, nerve wrecking interview by CNA for the channel 8, U and 5 news. although they wanted me to say something pretty short, along the lines of why i want to persue art, it's was a total nerve wrecker. first, got to collect ur thoughts on wad u want to say then, in a timeframe of about 10-15 seconds, ya gotta blurt it all out without any bloopers. i did 2 takes. haha. ok la, good for a first timer. just in case u want to catch yixin and i on tv, it will be on tomorrow's news on channel 5, U and 8. i think. yes, few secs of fame...hehehe...cheap thrill.

talk so much, i haven say where it was held, ya, at the SAM. today there was a congregation of sec schl and pri schl students at the museum...there's a pic below to show the situation this afternoon.


today was also a day where the phenomenon of "eh, blablabla...why are u here?" happenend oh so simultaneously. also known as when u meet alot of people u know or see before one after another. first, i saw huishan, she was bringing her students from dunman high to the SAM. then, saw hejin, famous blogger to be. heh. then while at city link, saw shiyuan, bunny, and ting shu, all RV guys in NS. they were in their smart4. think they must be wondering why i, being in the same bmt batch as them, will be smart 4 free and sporting long hair. ha. then...saw nick foo, dunno him, but he is an NJ senior, then right after i saw nick foo, saw kheng guan, NJ senior senior(i.e. 2 years older than moi). he was at the AEP exhibition's opening too. i actaully like to have these kind of phenomenon happening, shows you how small singapore actually is.

meanwhile, i am still waiting for the call from YOU OHH BEE...

ps: the horrors! i just put on another 1kg...someone help me please!

16th day in aircast...


Blogger Hejin said...

Wah, so Miss Loh pointed me out to you? Or were you astute enough to recognise me.. heh.

2:04 PM, July 13, 2005  

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