Sunday, October 09, 2005

ahn nyong ha se yo?

urgh...i am trying quite hard to learn korean...dun ask me why...cuz i am bored, i want to learn new things, i love languages, i want to be multi lingual...bla bla bla and so on. i am terribly lost now...the feeling of sadness i had felt months ago is back...sick...why? why must our mind work like this...when u are bored, u feel sad...sian. nvm, next week is NJ's open freebies...i will be wearing...urm...maybe i can try wearing my NJ uniform back...haha.

2005's been a slack and quite a happening year for me...depends on how u view the word "happening" haha. yupz...slack...cuz really...for one whole damn year, i do not have to bury my bloody head in books and think abt stupid concepts such as forces, power and dunno wad other shit. then...happening cuz i got my A level results(which were rather surprising), got myself into the mess of being in the army and then broke my leg cuz of SOC, or as i like to call it...sadistic obstacle course. then...slack cuz following that, i had an ultra long vacation break from the army and, poof, 6 months plus of my army life gone just like that.

shit, my ulcer still hasn't healed.

btw, we had fun today at ACM...the exhibits were real eye openers..ha. i would like to buy over the whole convert it into my house...i shall do plans of it soon...the location of this house will be awesome, huge halls to invite my guests for parties and functions. then i can even have my own movie theaterette...haha. and ya, altho today's crowd was small...we certainly enjoyed ourselves...ha. i love love love my slack days...hope it will never end! hahahaha. ok, at this point of time i am experiencing some sort of insanity streak...ok, it's over now.

back to more serious stuff, i guess if i really want to go AA to pursue a course in illustration, i guess i will first have to go NTU then proceed to AA for my masters. but then again, should i stay in archi? cuz wad design firms want is a good portfolio. if i were to take archi, i would have more paths...or should i say, more prospects in the not so far away future. but the path thru archi is gruelling...and probably too technical and theorectical for me...this i must confirm first. haiz haiz haiz. and more haiz. most of my posts are like monologues, me talking to myself and answering to myself...

aiya...shall go sleep and ahn nyong hee ka se yo!


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