Monday, November 21, 2005


......this is the first time i haven blogged for so long, cuz of the many many internet problems...i hope this post will be published. well...i helped my fren to do duty last saturday. i really regretted doing's like a wrong move in a chess game. i can forsee alot of dai ji arising in the following days. because of this i almost turned psychotic yesterday...believe me...if not, u can always ask my family who saw me talking and shaking my head for the whole of yesterday. perhaps it is the lack of sleep that made me do this...shit. the first place they SHOULDN'T freakin come and ask me, taking advangtage of my kindness and they poof...they have one less duty this month. shit, i am not going to let this happen again. never. i feel so angry all of a sudden. argh. crap. shit.

ok, ok, on a lightet note, i am going to watch harry potter and the goblet of fire today...yes...since no one sent me sms, i am going with my parents. well, watching harry potter with them is like some kind of family affair sort of thing. well, we have been doing it since the first harry potter movie. there's the omni max version coming out. any takers?

(back from the movie) the above was written in the afternoon:

wow...the show rekindled the harry potter fanatic in me...hmmm...i guess i will be reading half blood prince anytime soon. the cast was great...the awkward i-look-at-you-you-look-at-me-scenes were great...hahahahaha...and YES! i love love love the darker and more sinister tone to this movie. but wad the hell...each and every potter movie has a touching-make-audience-wanna-cry scenes...i shan't tell u which one is it here...heh


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