Wednesday, July 27, 2005

of gaining weight and stuff

outstanding fabian! you have just gained 3kg in a matter of a week. and 1 out of the 3kg was gained in just a day. so how did you do it? me: well, i did nothing, i went for a swim, did 100 crunches a day and ate as little as i could, yar, that's all i did.

laugh laugh laugh, it's amazing that wad i did could explain this sudden weight gain. so it means by swiming and doing crunches actually help u put on weight?! then exercise is not so effective afterall. this is the first time i weighed 68kg ever since i last weighed myself on the God-forsaken island called pulau tekong. from then till now...i was hovering about the range of 64-66. incredile huh!? perhaps it could be attributed to the gain in muscle mass of my right leg which was experiencing serious muscle atrophy during the casted days. maybe it was due to the yummy food that i had on monday at some place which only a few should how i wished i was as skinny as i was during my lower primary days. urm...better not be, cuz i was skeletal back then.=X


a new volcano called mt pimplesuvius on the land of fabiolandonito has been discovered by the team of geologists led by leading scientist dr T.Z Fan. the pimple is located south west of the point nostrolitiocus and north west of the gaping hole called mouthilici. gaining a height of about 2mm in just a day, mt pimplesuvius looks eager to explode, eradicating nearby lifeforms with it's magpus.


coincidentally, the twin caves of point nostrolitiocus are constantly spewing mupus as speeds of 65km/h of late. hmmm...looks like the fabiolandonito is experiencing a change in climate...people of fabiolandonito...get ready for evacuation.


starting my own comic book illustration(or graphic novel) would be fun and exciting, but if only i could get the right kind of story. then i would scan the story board like story and post it here...should be fun...and make it a weekly thing. any ideas?


Blogger DGlux said...

just draw about your everyday life as you perceived... then you can have a totally new, pictorial blog...
good idea yar?

9:37 PM, July 29, 2005  

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