Sunday, July 24, 2005

what if?

i think my life has been screwed, really screwed. what if i did not have go to RV, maybe SJI or ACS could be better choices. but i will become a 吃 kantang type of person, something that i do not want to be. yuck. i think RV is a really good place /environment to make good friends and really nice friends(not that people from SJI or ACS are bad). after going through JC, i feel that rv grads are nicer and better persons. they may not be the top students or the most outspoken ones in the lot but they have good hearts. i really wonder how i will turn out or what sort of friends i would have made if i had followed most of my primary school friends and gone either of the aboved mentioned all-boys independent schools. i think i may turn out quite differently. in case u are wondering why i only mention these 2 schools is because my psle score was only 255.

1st, my chinese would be really bad(not saying that ALL SJIans and ACSians are bad at chinese). this is so since i was already quite an english speaking person back in primary school(NYPS). could u imagine me speaking in only in english now. it is rv that turned me into more of a billingual person. tell u, i will eventually look down on myself for not being able to speak chinese.

second, i think MAYBE i would be more confident and stuff. this is just a maybe since not all ACS and SJI pple are all that confident, but there are more confident students than SAP schools one. and maybe of peer influence or wad i may have chosen a different CCA and i may not even have chosen art(gasps!)! then i think i will be taking bio instead of art...haha...can u imagine that. hahahhahahaz. and without art, i wouldn't have known the AEP pple and ms ong theng choo. i would really like to see what would happen to me if i had gone to these schools instead. too bad time machines has not been invented yet.

finally, i couldn't have made all the good and lasting(hehe...hopefully) friends and teachers that i have now. hmmm...u might be saying "you also can make good friends in those schools wad". yar, i agree, but i couldn't bear to think what life would be if there aren't my RV friends around. may RV continue to nuture good natured people, and not evil ones... RV rocks!

立德立功, 化愚化顽.

ps: i was writing this entry in church...


Anonymous xin said...

yep...RV rocks!!!.. ms ong rocks... lol

4:49 PM, July 24, 2005  
Anonymous c. said...

Ya lor, no RV you wouldn't have met me, how sad life would have been then, hahaha!! :p

7:51 PM, July 24, 2005  
Anonymous mandy said...

yea..i thk rv provided us with a protected environment to make tend to be more innocent or something like that..=)

11:19 PM, July 24, 2005  
Blogger fabz said...

xin: i really do hope that RV would overthrow the top 5 schools one day. haha...

c.: i really do miss the sec 3 sec 4 days...i think they were really memorable. really regretted that the digi cam wasn't that affordable then, if not i would have taken lots of pictures of 4gians...

mandy: i think rv people are mostly quite pure and innocent. always willing to lend a helping hand to whoever in need. :)

1:31 AM, July 25, 2005  
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