Saturday, September 24, 2005

Random thoughts of the week

honestly, after a week in RP course has mentally drained u of wadever thought you have left in your brain, allowing u to only fathom wad you are going to do when this blasted course ends. of course, the course isn't really bad or wad, but it's mentally stressful. lectures are the new torture device SAF has come up with. eespecially utilising a certain sergeant. my fren has came up with the suggestion of burning a CD of his entire lectures, broadcasting it on loudspeakers whenever we are under siege by enemy forces or, as that sergeant might pronounce it as "animal forces". wth. new tactics endorsed by SAF i suppose. or even better, reduce it to the frequency of animals, broadcast it, make the animals(enemy's animals too) run amok and attack everyone in sight. ok, i think the last comment was rather lame.

enough of Retarded Police course, it's boring! another week to endure.

speaking of which, i guess they should rename us as retarded police since the course would pretty much suck and drain wadever's left in our already self collapsing and deteoriating brain. i guess i need to send my brain for reservist.

still trying to draw like linda bergkvist...


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Blogger fabz said...

urgh...spammers again...

10:18 AM, September 24, 2005  
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