Saturday, September 17, 2005


well...i miss alot of things in life. yes. but this is not going to be those entries by your average NS guys saying that they miss freedom and bla bla bla. i miss those days in school. although i was not a mugger(not the chargeable ones tho), and i totally hated my JC study life, i miss those days(minus the exams and tests). so cliche sia. haha. but ya, i would rather have those days(again, minus the exams and tests) played back over and over again. well...this could very well mean that i am suited for the life of an educator. well, it's not that bad actually, come to think of it. when students get holidays, you get em too. a slightly good but stagnant pay. hmmm. this is the route for me if i want to play it safe for the rest of my life. maybe be a professor even...ha. but the life whom i envy is linda bergkvist's. she gets to do to do the things she likes and seems happy. well, not only her, but most of the digital artists i have came across while surfing the net. i came across bobby chiu's website and work today. i really like his work not only cuz his style closely resembles mine but also cuz of the level of detail and humour he puts into each and every work(tho not every work is meant to humour). well, i really enjoy the life of these artists. haiz

anyway, someonce said that i will make a fun principal, cuz i will organise wacky events in school like halloween and etc. well, i will if i am made principal, provided that the students are all able to do well cuz halloween is in the end of year exams period. urgh...the feeling of miserable-ness surged into my brain. nvm, i shall go watch a HKDL report on fei cui wai seng toi. buaiz.