Sunday, September 18, 2005

Random thoughts of the week

being such a bo liaoz person i decided to do this post now when i actually cannto sleep. (actually i can la, but i just feel like typing). ok, FINALLY, the wireless connection in my comp is stable...and thank God, it's really stable. let's hope history doesn't repeat itself after i type this entry. urgh, suddenly i feel like typing one of those 'could have, should have' entries, but i think i better not cuz it's getting too cliche and it's not good for my health to think so much on stuff like that. like wad mr yuen(RV peeps u all remember him dun ya?) said to joanna(the senior who went on the NZ 2000 tour with us back in 2000): "joanna, it's unhealthy to procrastinate." i dunno how true that is. well, speaking of NZ, i want to go back to that place, it's a rather nice place ot backpack since it's an english speaking country, it's exchange rate is roughly similar to ours and that it has nice nice scenery. oh, u should have seen my face when i saw the southern alps rising from the horizon while i was in the tour bus. but one regret, or rather one room for improvement could be the food that was served. but it's rather reasonable for the price that you are paying. hmmm. i suddenly thought of something not too pleasant back then which involves mr yuen. i decided not to talk abt it and let history rest in peace. ya.

i am really thankful to God for giving me this vocation although it is only temporary.

ok, now i am going to talk abt my church stuff. so those not from my church or not interested can skip this. luckily tml's sermon is by zhang bao xia and not my granduncle aka pastor john hong again. i dunno, but he, i think is the cause of my brother not going to church regularly. i personally feel that pastor john is more concerned about our church having more memebers than doing his duty to preach to us. in fact, he harps on the fact that our church has such a miserable amount of members. i mean, it is obvious right? and the worst thing is that he cries rather often cuz of this issue(altho he doesn't do it that often now). it is definitely wrong of me to judge him like this but this is what i personally feel. haiz. lucky now there are 2 new chuan daos to help him in sort of chuan fu ying to the young pple that they have been tuitioning. hmmm. i hope that shall appease him. and judging from his sermons from the previous 2 weeks, i hope his attitude towards the falling members of our church has changed for the better. and please, dun be so sarcastic anymore ok.

gosh, i am so sleepy. i still haven't decided which uni i will go. hmmm...or rather, whether i should apply for NTU. i have this plan, but dunno if it will work. i do my bachelors degree in fine arts, majoring in visual comm in NTU, then go to AA to get a masters in illustration or advertising. well, cuz masters courses in AA are far more cheaper than their bachelors course. hmm. ya, or should i continue with archi then go to AA to do masters in illustration?

oh ya, since my stint at ammo base, i have lost 2kg. gotten my throat inflamed and my nose blocked. why? sitting in the air con room for the whole day. i guess i am allergic to air conditioners.

i have decided to say something here, but i later thought it would be wiser not to type it anyway.


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