Wednesday, October 12, 2005


...just to haolian to u all abit on my progress of korean(note: i still cannot understand it, but can translate foreign and korean names into written korean), this is my name in korean: 반탱졍. it's pronounced as pan taeng jyeong, it's translated from my cantonese name( fan teng jiong), since canto sounds abit like korean. in case u are wondering why my korean surname is pronounced as 'pan' instead of 'fan', it's cuz in korean lang, they do not have, or utilise the 'f' or 'ahf' sound. you know. a trivia a day keeps the 'F's away...hehe

anyway, another trivia for you guys: great word city is a great place(if not...IDEAL place) to spot SPGs( sarong party girls and some sarong party guys). guaranteed plus chop there will have one...if u dun see them, ur eyes must be pasted with stamps. it's rather sad having your eyes pasted with stamps...i have tried it before, your eyes feel terribly uncomfortable after wards...then, like clams with their shells clammed shut, you will have a hard time having to open your eyelids...muahahah. too much crap, must stop. anyway, the spg in gwc urban legend is true! go see for yourself. great place to spot hermione granger(emma watson) lookalikes from international schools.


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