Monday, November 28, 2005


...i realised that i haven talked abt the wisdom tooth operation that much here. not that i want to but the pain in my mouth keeps bothering me to the extent that i want to rip the stitches holding my torn gum open. urgh, digusting...

honestly, i experienced minimal pain...but maximum discomfort while the operation was going one. first, u are wide awake and altho u can't feel anything...u can SEE wad the dentist uses to slice and tug at ur poor tooth. i was clever enough to close my eyes.

but the real challenge is not the operation, but the aftermath of it...days of pain and discomfort ensued after the operation was done. not only it is "gao wei" enough to feel the thread used to sew ur gums together in ur mouth(i feel like sally in Nightmare before christmas here), but the ulcers on my lips that were resulted cuz of the constant abrasion the intruments had with them are induced more frustration than pain. shit. come to think of it...i still have another operation in 2 weeks time. i feel truly f-ed up. i guess the reason i am made to experience countless pain in my mouth is to stop me from talking too much(am i?).


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