Monday, January 09, 2006


cuz my weight exceeded 70kg yesterday...but now it's below 70 already. must be all the stuff i ate yesterday, esp the chocolately stuff, oh's called a mudpie. haha. btw, there will be more chocolately stuff tml since i will going for a chocolate making session tml. i will be learning how to make pralines. i really dunno how to pronounce that it pra(as in "pra-da")lines(as in "lean") or pra(as in "prey")line(as in "line")? ok, my first visit to nydc really got me hooked to their mudpies...but they are really ex.

oh ya, sooner or later, i know someone will be asking me to do duty for them. f. why can't they bloody understand that i am excused duty for a reason?! their skulls are damn bloody thick. idiots.

enough of angst. 2006 has started off quite nicely for me. ha. except for the recent activation that i got...basket. anyway, it got me offs so ya, i am happy. meanwhile, i am typiing this wretched entry in NJ...using their mac which i would love to have(steal).'s 6...i better get going...ha...the rain better better stop.

do u think i should help pple do duty?