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WARNING! Tonnes of Pictures...

as i am typing this, i am suffering from flu, sore throat, cough...u name it i have it...and ironically, i had told one of my Rp friends earlier that i hadn't been sick for quite some time already. and poof, the next day i had a throat wrenching sore throat. i hate sore throats. that is why i took 3 days to finish this entry(although i started this entry on thursday).

ok, let's get onto the HK trip report. first and foremost, HK is the second best city to live in next to singapore...haha. first, getting around is so convenient, like singapore, B, i love it's spectacular skyline and finally, the food is great. haha. but one thing that HK wins singapore is that it has 4 seasons...why can't dear singapore have that?! why? why? why...

Day 1: we departed singapore from changi intl airport(duh!) on tiger airways(sucks i tell u, i will not ever sit that again, cuz u have to rush to get seats for u and ur family) to macau. oh ya, i went with my parents, brother, grandaunt, grandma and my uncle. pretty big grp huh.

upon arrival at macau airport, my father, brother and i split up from the grp and headed to the macau-HK ferry terminal to HK...haha. while the rest of the grp headed to the casinos on macau island.

yeah, we checked into kimberly hotel in the tsim sha tsui district and after a short rest in the hotel, we headed to the peak, one of my favourite distinations in HK. upon reaching central station in which we were to walk up to the peak tram station, we saw the bank of china building...magnificient i tell u...very tall and iconic. why s'pore no such iconic buildings...erm...the esplanade if u count that in...

then when we arrived at the peak...the evening views of the harbour are even more spectacular.

we were hungry and headed to this cafe at the peak galleria, to my surprise, it was empty, no guests at all, a stark difference when i had come here earlier this year, where the place was almost full. my father asked the waitress why and she said the weather was too cold(not suprising).

ok, we got sick of the peak and headed back down via the tram...

oh ya, the IFC2 haha...another iconic building

wa...rolls royce

ok, the next day, we woke up early to get to disneyland, u can sense my excitement...ahhah

their mrt stations(there it is known as mtr), are surprisingly like singapore's. except for the fact that their announcements are made in canto, english and mandarin. u know, when i was there, after the chinese and english announcements, i was expecting the tamil and malay annoucements to be played.

we had to change from the tsuen wan line to the tung chung line at central station in order to get to HKDL. the changing of lines was very similar to changing to the north east line at dhoby ghaut station ala the super long walkway. except that Hk's one is much much longer.

yes...we are nearing HKDL, this is the poster that was in the station.

wad i like abt HK's train is that they have route maps that show where u are above every door, the HK govt built a single train line just for HKDL

we finally changed trains at sunny bay station and yes, we are on board mickey express...i love the trains...

they even have disney statuettes in the train, how cool is that!

the detail!!!

we finally arrived at HKDL station, it was a rather long train ride, abt 20-30mins, like taking from dhouby ghaut to jurong east via the north south line. when we stepped out of mickey express, disney music was being played and it's not just any disney music, but the nightmare before christmas overture. one of my fav pieces.

no comments

i had to take one last photo of the train before it leaves

even the HKDL mtr station is so disneyish

no comments

welcome welcome

this was the fountain that faced the entrance of HKDL.

we arrived an hour plus before the opening time and already, there is a long queue for the tickets, when we arrived, only 3 counters were opened, so that explains the long queue. but the funny thing is that when we queued for abt 10mins or so, other counters started to open. but no one bothered to go to the other counters from this queue.

they were still bent on buying from that counter. i, on the other hand, did not monkey see monkey do. so i went to ask one of the cast members(disney themepark employees) if i could buy from the other counters, cuz i feared that the other counters that opened later sold a diff form of ticket. she said i could buy from them. so, my father and my brother came out of the queue and bought our tickets from one of the empty counters, like the ones below, where there was hardly any queue at all.

why there are no body queueing here?! i am puzzled.

oh ya, the weather was freezing, mostly because of the cold sea breeze(HKDL is built on reclaimed land, very much like tokyo disney) and the entrance is facing the sea. in the picture above, u will see that the 2 old women in the centre are doing morning excercise while waiting for the park to open.

this is a touch map, it is for the blind.

ooo, nostalgic, the train station at the entrance looks exactly like the original disneyland's in california.


as opening time approached, the queues start to form at the entrance

yess!!! we are finally in HKDL, compared to tokyo(TDL), magic kingdom(MK) in walt disneyworld florida, their main street is frighteningly small. my brother and i were like "OMG! it's so small!" it was christmas season, so the decos are up.

this is chip

wad really scared us is the fact that sleeping beauty looked dimunitive against the lantau island hills. it's the same castle as california's disneyland, but i would have to say that california's looks bigger than HKDL's cuz of the mountains at the back. the best castles goes to TDL and MK.

we were hungry, so we decided to try this restaurant, a table service disney restaurant. something we had never tried at any other disneypark(we always ate counter serive food).

the deco inside was incredible, i love the changing colour lanterns, the colours change very very subtlely

we ate the breakfast set meal which costs ard $40+ /person!!! OMG! but since we were there already...might as well give it a try. my brother and father had the abalone and chicken congee(above). while i had the western type of meal(below), for the first course.

then, we all had the dim sum, with the mickey shaped carrot. if i am not wrong it was har gow.

then minnie came in the midst of our meal and took a picture with us...i think that was why the meals cost so much. it was a character breakfast meal.

then came the "cho chang" fen(lol) with prawns and abalone.

and the siew mais with those long sticks of biscuit.

then mulan came along too...with mushu...

our 2nd last course, mickey waffles...the biscuit house u see on the left is terribly hard and tasteless, so i guess it's just for deco huh.

the dessert, it was pudding jelly. i couldn't bear to eat the sugar rabbit.

then we were off to do some exploration. ok, this view of the castle looks better.

first stop, adventureland.

most of the picture u see above are from the jungle cruise ride, this ride is very different from those found in other parks. i din not really like the layout of the HK version but i like it's ending, with the fire and water, but i really enjoyed the jungle cruise guide's narration. it's better compared to the guide in MK. i couldn't comment on the TDL's guide cuz she spoke japanese. the HK jungle cruise guide spoke canto and he was really corny and lame to the extent of being funny...hahaz...when the ride ended, he said something like "ngo hai kenny kor kor, yut gor lei mm zhong yi ngo, lei hor yi kiu ngo karen zaer zaer la". it meant, "i am kenny kor kor, if u dun like me, u can call me karen zaer zaer(sister)". karen was another jungle cruise cast member...

then we went into fantasyland...and we watched mickey's philarmagic...great show, watched it 2times!

alice needs some reconstructive surgery for her face tho.

then into tomorrowland. if u din know, HKDL is the smallest of all disneyland style parks and it was only 4 lands(main street usa, adventureland, fantasyland and tomorrowland). the park with the most lands is the orginal disneyland in california, with 8, followed by MK and TDL, both tied at 7 and disneyland paris with 5. but, area wise, the smallest is HDKL, then the original disneyland, followed by MK, TDL and then the paris one with the biggest.

ooo, space mountain, a staple disneyland ride which can be found in all the other parks.

this is the interior of space mountain. honestly, i din like the queue of space mountain cuz it's very plain, i like the queue of MK's space mountain the best cuz it's all indoors and it's as though u are walking thru a space craft.

next up is the buzz lightyear space ranger spin, an interactive attraction. u can shoot the bad guys as u travel thru the world of buzz lightyear.

u actually can spin the ride vehicles of this ride, that's why it's called buzz lightyear's space rangers spin. but ALOT of HKers din know that and my family was one of the few that kept spinning our ride vehicles...

this one is the entrance to the golden mickeys show. it's like a broadway show with a selection of disney classics performed by live actors. the queue was sucky, the seat i got was sucky, but the show isn't.

one of the better attractions in the park.

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Anonymous huilian said...

whoa fab!! so lucky of u to go to hk!! the skyline's fabulous!!! hahaha.. :D

1:51 PM, December 17, 2005  
Blogger DGlux said...

like i was asking, how much did u actually spend on this trip?
still, looks fun...
singapore shld really have such lands or some sort. wild wild wet? escape? pathetic.

12:11 PM, December 26, 2005  
Anonymous c. said...

Wah soo many photos!! I thought I'll never stop scrolling, hahaha..but yea, looks like fun man

1:34 PM, December 28, 2005  
Blogger fabz said...

huilian: haha, to see it again. beats s'pore's 100x.

weehao: urm, total was below $1000 for both my brother and i...

yes!!! build a themepark! i support that fully!

c.: hahaz...i was surprised too...i din expect to load so many pics up at

10:04 PM, December 28, 2005  

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