Saturday, December 24, 2005

well... dawned on me that i haven been blogging for a week plus now...and ya, i no longer blog daily. but that's the point, nothing exciting happens to me's just me in the SOA guardroom, awaiting vehicles or people to come by the school, so that i can open the gates for them to enter...monotous job i guess...but that's how i live my pathetic little life every single day. but seriously, i kind of enjoy this aimless kind of lifestyle. well, maybe my life isn't that aimless anymore. i have applied for driving lessons and ya, my aim is to be able to drive by May, cuz in may my parents are going to macau(again) and i can take my father's picnic for a spin to work...ahha...oh the joys....haaahaaa(i am kidding myself again).

thesedays, i have realised that the amount of pple working in network marketing companies are rising like crap. ask any tom dick or harry on the street and there's a high chance that he or she is working in mlm or slm companies. yes, and i have been approached like a gizzilion of times. i tried going in once even. but yar...all those companies that approached me have the intention of making money, making money and making money(i guess...that's the point right?). but they use these kind of means to lure guilible teens into it...cuz ya, many are just making use of them to gain there so called "point values" so that they will get a higher rank and their monthly income will increase. it's not that such companies are bad. it's the purpose of the companies that differentiate which is good or bad. ya, so stay away from companies that immediately ask u this questions "where do u see urself in 10 yrs time?" ya, it's their standard question. trust me, i know...

as if mlm companies are not enough to spoil my mood this "holiday" season, i guess i will be spending this period nursing and licking my wounds(illness). for i have a severly blocked nose which requires me to go thru 6 months of nasal spray treatment...i guess by then i will be halfway thru 2006 and i can get a successful downgrade then...(YES! who doesn't want one?) furthermore, the doctor gave me a month's worth of anti-istamine(dunno if it is spelt correctly). it's medication to combat sinus, FYI. oh ya...that means goodbye to ice cream, cold drinks and the bla bla bla for this period. shit. *cough cough* did i forget to add that i coughed out blood the other night?

nvm, so, the only thing i am looking forward to next year is my driving lessons, which, can only officially begin after valentine's day, that is, the date of my Final theory test. i do do do hope that i will be able to drive by may...please. let that be my christmas gift this year. speaking of learning new stuff...i do hope to master the german and korean language...both i wanted to learn cuz i think it would be cool. french and japanese are too common...who knows, maybe i will be learning hindi by the end of next year. but, let's not be too ambitious for now.

wow, apparently keeping mum on the blogosphere for a week has made me a chatter box...what the... but anyway...ya, today, christmas eve btw, was spent visiting the doctor, solving 4 sudoku puzzles all obtained from the Today paper and going for a rather pleasant dinner at crystal jade kitchen at great world. not the best christmas eve i would say but nevertheless, it was memorable. oh ya, i have given up the hope of recieving presents since...i dunno...when i began sec schl? cuz its very zhor daeng and is not about receiving or getting's abt getting together, reflecting wad u have done and sinned(if u are religious) for the past year or ur life. haiz...anyway...ya...its been a rather "fun" year for me...learning new things and stuff. so, i wish all those reading this entry a merry christmas, happy hannukah, メリクリスマス、圣诞快乐, 메리 크리스마스!


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