Friday, July 29, 2005


i see some decrement(is there such a word since there's the word increment) in my weight. 1kg. 1kg happy liaoz la, at least can see success. i am currently looking for a 1 month crash course in the german language, but dunno where to find. 1 month because i have just been given another month's MC...good or bad i dunno. i think the sgt in charge of my posting and stuff is like 24/7 beside the bmtc phone. today and last week when i called back bmt HQ, he is always the person who answer the phone...haha. and the funny thing is that after i tell him my name and rank, he will auto-revert to chinese mode from english mode...haha. i find this quite amusing...but since i am chinese too, i should have no qualms speaking the language.

quite sad leh, i want to learn alot of stuff...but no time and not enough money to learn. hmmm...want to learn maya, 3dsmax, languages(as many as i can absorb, got one lingo prof in NUS can speak and write 14 languages ok!), driving(this is a must!), currently learning painter, urm, learn voodoo(no, against my religion), and alot of others la, just that i cannot think of them right now.

4 weeks from now...yup, that reminds me...this will probably the last MC i will be getting, back to tekong in 4 weeks time...kinda want to see it again(one time only). i don't want to be perpetually stuck there for the next 1 year plus plus. but, if i don't need to do reservist in the future, i don't really mind staying on monks' island until i ORD. i don't mind, but it better not be.

anyway, anyone knows how to place music on my that u can hear the weird yet nice stuff i listen to...haha.

oh yeah, sarong party girl is studying in NTU's SADM...i personally don't know her, so i can't comment. but i dun like her lifestyle(hmmm...did i just contradict myself?!)

nvm...had ding tai fung yesterday, was not bad...but parents said not satisfying...hurm?


Blogger DGlux said...

why do u have another 1 month mc? why?
i seriously think you are bribing the sgt over at the cmpb to give u more mc... rite?


2:35 PM, July 30, 2005  
Blogger fabz said...

fyi, the sgt doesn't give me the mc u's the changi hospital doctor. lol...

3:39 PM, July 30, 2005  
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