Thursday, July 21, 2005

I found the blasted book! finally!

headed down to the 'eastern part of singapore'(tampines) this afternoon to find the book that i have been looking high and low for...yes, it is none other than Don seegmiller's book. "digital character design and painting". i don't know if my mind was playing tricks on me or i was really pa jiao(stamp pasted on my eyes). i waltzed up and down the non fiction aisle for more than an hour, looking for that darned book but couldn't find it. then buay tah han already, i went to the ground floor's enquiry counter to ask the librarian. "ok, i help u find, u go up first" was wad she said. k lor, i went back to the art section and waited...then when she came...the book like just suddenly appeared in front of me. must be some idiot purposely want to trick me, possess some mind reading skills and must have placed it back there before i came up. so i pretended to act blur, since the librarian was helping me find the book. eyes were fixed on the book, but i remained nonchalant, pretended as though i hadn't seen it yet. " lor" said the kind librarian. i think in her mind she must be thinking "wah lau, ur eye pa jiao is over on hour still cannot find". but never mind, i thanked her, feeling awfully embarassed...

here's a picture of the book...really cool stuff inside...too bad in the whole of singapore...they only have 6 such books available in the libraries. i want to buy them(the other titles by seegmiller of course). if u all see it must tell moi.


then while on the train...just as when i was thinking about going to city hall area to lurk, jialin called me to go see the YOU OH BEE painting of the year exhibtion...hmmm...alvin ong's work is kind of so-so. not that i jealous or wad la.

btw, this is not his work, it's by adeline...i think she is also from NJ...heard mr lee saying that she won something too.

then this is the most promising artist's work. it's rather well acrylic somemore, a medium that is not easy to master.

then as we were walking out towards the esplanade concourse, there's this installation below one of the sky lights which was rather nice. i tinted this image bluish in colour to give it that mysterious feel.

oh yeah, this is funny...we saw this lady wearing extremely oh biang platforms...very rare nowadays...since the spice girls era is gone...

i was pretending to take jialin's pic when i was actually zooming into her's not really hideous looking or wad...but it's rather attention seeking...just like my attention seeking all black outfit. how i wished i had my black framed glasses which is probably being squashed by my clothes and all in pulau tekong.