Sunday, August 07, 2005

back to the island tml

funny sia...whenever i wear the pulau tekong polo tee out...i will see Plt Sgt Hafiz...saw him at borders just now...ha. then tml going back to tekong to collect my stuff...finally. doubt there will be many pple there...cuz i think all book out for the holidays...ha

oh yeah, bet none of u have swam with hippos before...i did ok, today. went to Singapore Poly's grads guild just now to swim...and there were papa hippo, big brother hippo and little brother hippo in the pool...minding their business. ok la, i din mind them, altho i would have preferred to have the pool all to myself. then...i was swimming my laps...and when i approached one of the end, i see the little hippo standing ready to jump into the water...even tho i was swimming right in front of him. he obviously could have seen me as i paused for a while to look and see why there is a hippo standing right in front of me. so...being afraid of incurring the wrath of a hippo(hippos are dangerous creatures mind you), i immediately stopped swimming towards the edge. as i did this, the hippo splashed into the water right in front of me, sending ripples of water towards me. and as they approached, they surged right up my nostrils since my head was halfway out of the water when i decided to stop. It's damn PAINFUL! the water went right up my nose and into my head(at least it feels that way). i cursed under my breath. and papa hippo, i think, was sniggering away at the corner. i decide to abandon that area and swim the width of the pool instead.

but that did not deter the fiendish hippo family, as i was into my 4th or 5th mini lap(the width that is), the hippo family decided to swim the mini laps as well...and mind u, decide to migrate from their end of the pool to my end of the pool...i wonder why they even bother. so i just stopped swimming. why? cuz there was no bloody space! they cornered me to the edge of the pool...and for goodness sake, they dunno how to swim...papa hippo was teaching the children hippo to swim, and my end of the pool was the deep end. it's like they are doing this on purpose. lucky their frolicking in the water only lasted for 15 mintues...when the papa hippo decides to migrate the herd. goodie...once again, it is proven that altho hippos are highly cutified by the media, they are one of the most dangerous creatures on the earth(did u know that more pple are killed by hippo attacks than lions each year?).


Anonymous zhiping said...

why got swimming pool+hippos? sounds like some zoo

11:42 PM, August 09, 2005  
Blogger fabz said...

zhiping: lol...haha. cuz the family that was swimming in the pool really look like terms of size.

12:28 AM, August 10, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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