Thursday, August 04, 2005

rants and more rants

i really got alot of stuff to vomit(regurgitate) before i go to sleep, or if i am able to go to sleep. once again, i slept in the afternoon, meaning not being able to sleep at night. dunno why these few nights i haven been abel to sleep peacefully...starting from monday...i dunno why. before i enter slumberland, i will always(guaranteed!) to have random thoughts cascading in my those matrix thingies. so yesterday i was thinking about who i want to meet or do...hmmm. the list is as follows, with no order of merit tho:

1. mrs lee or wang lao shi aka my tution teacher for 9 years(pri 1 to sec 4). without her, i think, my chinese would be terrible...thanks to all the constant ting xies she gives before every major test that i will be taking.

2. the bmt pple(need to catch up)...since it's been 3 months since i have last seen them.

3. yesyes...remind myself to remind jerome and shuhui to return me my abba, spice girls and disney cds which i had lent them last year...argh...i am so forgetful.

hmmm...suddenly i can only think of these stuff. think i must wait till sleeping mode kicks in before i can think of more. sian...i hate not being able to sleep. if only there were lights out at home...hahahaz...thinking too much la u.

oh ya...quite envious that so many pple can get scholarships and study in fancy shmancy unis in other parts of the jealous. hope i can also get i see if my uni grades are able to qualify me for such courses. but then again...i keep thinking if i should have applied for some army as though i can get it. think i will be disqualified on the day of the fracture...ha, if i had even applied for it. sad. when the Lord closes the door, somehow, he will open a window.

missed abit of da chang jing just now...cuz slept in the afternoon(actaully it's evening). da chang jin is a nice show...cuz 60% of the time the pple there are making food and being a foodie myself, watching those delicious food getting prepared is really...urm...yum. then again...korean food in singapore is ex...overpriced(with the exception of the food court fare, but food court fare only serves stereotyped and cliched korean food which repeats itself in every different food court i go). but one irritatin part of the show is that the korean song theme song will keep playing in ur head over and over again.

sian diaoz...this is the bloody last MC i will get must make full use of the remaining 3 weeks...maximise them! hmmm.*shit, i think i am craving the jap seasoning with mayo rice*. sigh sigh see where i will be posted to...

ok...i think stuffing myself may help me fall asleep...but must go for a swim tml...ha


Anonymous xin said...

somehow i think tt my michael learns to rock cd is with veliani too.... hmmm or jerome. i seriously do not remember

8:25 PM, August 04, 2005  

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