Thursday, August 04, 2005

nice creations that i have created

food stuff that is... today...(urm...actually it's yesterday since i am blogging now at 12.02am)...i wasn't hungry or wad...but i just needed to eat something...dunno why...maybe my metabolic rate is up(i hope it is). so, i using the jap seasoning i bought from cold storage today, mayo which my mum bought few days ago to make egg salad sandwich, bread and rice, i experimented with them and came up wth some interestingly easy to make yet tasty snack foods(yes, i do realised that there's alot of carbo, maybe that's explains why i am now 68kg again, after going back to 66kg just days ago)...this is scary. but, if the mouth needs food, it better gets it...hahaha.

ok, so the first creation i did was using bread, mayo and the jap seasoning. spread mayo over the bread...thinly if u dun like the taste of mayo(fyi, i use kraft's mayo), then sprinkle the seasoning(u know those kind with seaweed, dried salmon, dried egg, sesame seeds and lots of msg) onto the mayo spreaded bread. fold the bread and's got this kind of twangy taste...which tastes good if u are hungry. ha.

ok, then the next dish also contains the jap seasoning, mayo, but now with rice. take some dollops of mayo and wallop it on the rice and then sprinkle the seasoning. heh. mix the rice with the mayo-japseasoning. it tastes surprisingly tasty! i prefer the latter creation to the former creation...heh.

urgh urgh...


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