Thursday, August 04, 2005

the cooking lesson (da ting zhang style)

yes, i immediately went to the kitchen to prepare myself late late supper after the previous entry. and coincidentally, the cooking and drama show da chang jin's repeat telecast was it further whet my appetite. ha.

first, the ingredients in question: the rice is in the plastic container, the pink bag contains the seasoning and the mayo is the whitish stuff in the glass jar.

close of the rice

spread a little mayo(depends la) on the rice

the seasoning looks like fish food from here...i think it tastes abit like fish food too...but i shall not be disgusting here.

pour the seasoning on the rice and mayo

mix...and then eat...simple really!

ok, while i was eating...stupid lee young ae (aka chang jin) was preparing food...obvioudly much more high class and delicious than my plain rice with mayo and seasoning. she is having a conversation with her rival jin ying in this shot. her rival is actaully a very fair rival...which makes it good to watch since they do not quarrel or scold each other at all. fair rivalry is the best.

"but somebody gave me a lot of encouragement" is the completed sentence the subtitles were trying to spell. i think lee young ae is abit auntie looking...too old for her role in which she plays a young 2o something maid. i think quite a number of korean actresses are ratehr auntie looking...esp the cui zhi you...