Sunday, August 21, 2005


disclaimer: i realised after i posted this entry that the following involves disgusting stuff, about puking and stuff.

as usual, the national day rally was has to be lor...i wouldn't want to support any un-humourous leaders.

anyway, i am a jealous and spiteful freak...i think those who know be better should know this...haha. but how can u help it when there are so many better pple than you, it's not good or wad, but i never do mean it...hmmm...maybe at times. heheheh. i am merely a miserable, non-combat bad can i this get ya...hahahha. i seriously want to run, or jog's better than drinking to make u high. after running, guaranteed, u will feel the high, provided that u dun faint or puke in the end la. but i guess some pple may find certain highs in puking, builemic(think i spelled wrongly) pple i guess. speaking of vomiting, i have this fear of eating certain stuff cuz of vomiting incidents. earlier this year when i went to hong kong, i had a case of food poisoning when i return. a rather serious one that is, since i lost 4 kg in 2 days. before the flight back to singapore, i had food at this restaurant at wing on plaza opposite my hotel, then later went to aji ichiban(remember that shop which sells lots of tidbits?!) to buy marshmallows, tidbits, and more tidbits. to kill time while waiting to check out of the hotel. i gobbled down quite a few marshmallows, the orange and chocolate ones the most. i felt ok. board the plane...urgh...value not fly it, even if u want to scrimp and save...i had learnt my lesson, unless u want to see couples make out to the extent of almost having sex(there's this couple sitting in my row across the aisle doing this most of the flight, singaporean somemore mind u. who says singaporeans are conservative huh!) i ate their fried noodles...which was not bad..mabe cuz i was hungry. hmmm...reached home...stomach felt was already 12am or around that time. walked abt...walked...walked...thought i was full or something. so i walked around the house, feeling weird. hur hur... i really dun feel well...have to puke abit to feel better. so...i went to the toilet to throw up abit. who knows...the puking lasted for an entire this weird scrunching-of-the-stomach feeling which was unbearable. had only water for the whole day...but the water din stay in my stomach for long. it got puked out. urgh, now, i can only look at marshmallows and feel like puking...urgh. i din puke out marshmallows, but was one of the foods i ate before i puked.

moral: i dun like marshmallows now...those round kinds with fillings inside.


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