Thursday, August 18, 2005

hoe fan ar!

ngo gui dak ngo ge lou mou lou dao mn eng goi bei ngo yi gor meng: fan teng zheung. yau fan, yau mang zhang. lou mou gong dou hou doei, ngo kei sat yan hou mang zheung, zou si boon tung suei. tai lor, lei tai nog ngam ngam wak dek gor gor photoshop xiu pang yau, wak dou yat boon, zau mou sam zoi wak le. yi gar teen teen gam chee hei san, boon teen yi geng gor zor. lam lam har, zau gui dak si gan hoe fai cui gor, yan sang gei duin zhan. yi gar lok gan yu...kei sat zou sheung oi hoei lau har san boe, dan hai chi hei san, yi gar yau lok yu. hei mong toi yong fai dee chut lei, shi ngo dak lau hoe dor hoe dor hon, shi ngo gae cheng chun dou chuin boe mou zor.

dang zan shueng hui basheer...tai tai ngo oi gae xu lei zor mei. ye shueng man kui dei hor yi mn hor yi cong jui dei kei tar gae deen yap hau gor gor soek ma wak wa gae xu.

kei sat, ngo gam ngyong blog ngo gae gam sheung yau guai yong...haiz...


Blogger lunacry said...

huh? huh? huh?

1:37 AM, August 21, 2005  
Anonymous natalie said...

see fu, mo gum la... mm hoi sum dee ye, zau mm hoe hoei lam la...

gum BLOG dou gei nan ming bak ge, dan hai ngo dou hai yat zi yat zi gum hoi nin fan chut lei sin meng bak zor...

kei sat ngo gok dak nei gor meng gei hoe tang ge... tab bit zhong yi gor "teng" zi... =)

nei wak ge PHOTOSHOP xiu pang yau dou ge ho ngoi ya! yew gai zuk wak ar! ngo wui zi ci nei ge!!!

hei mong nei wui meng bak ngo yi gar gau geng gong gan maat ye ... yik dou hei mong nei hui hoi sum fun lar!

gei zhu yew SMILE ar! :)

nei ge tou dai!
Nat ^^
p/s: gam ci hoe ci hai ngo dai yat gor COMMENT wor... zi qin dou hai SILENT READER lai ge... hai do gong sang SORRY ~ tong mai HI

2:06 PM, August 22, 2005  
Blogger fabz said...

natalie: sai gong sorry la, haha. lei gae comments leng ngo gaei dak hoi sam dee. haha, nei zhong yi gor gor "teng" zi hai yeng wai tsae teng fung mn sai dum sum la...haha, yi ga ngo mn gui dak fan zhor lor. haha, like this is so fun.

haha, ngo wui gei dak smile gae, moi mong gei, ngo gae Blog ger maeng hai giu Smilelies. dan hai hei mong yi gor smile mn hai gar gae.

zhan hai dor zae lei gae comments.

PS: ngo har gor bai yat MC end zor lor.

1:40 AM, August 23, 2005  
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