Monday, August 15, 2005

i am happy today

yes. God is truly good. i thought i would be spending the whole day lonely and contemplating about certain stuff. but no...met alot of old friends while going to have my lunch at taka after my medical check up today. that kept me rather occupied. ya...i do not think it is a coincidence meeting yiming and kunying...but ya, it's God's plan. please do not think that i am preaching. bought the book expose 2 from basheer today, ya, it's ex, but since i seldom indulge myself on books, i thought i might as well buy it. thought of buying expose 3 initially. but since i had browsed through it, i thought the element of surprise wasn't there. so i bought expose 2, which was the only copy left in basheer and ya..wrapped in plastic. actually my motive wasn't to buy the expose book, but the d'artiste: digital painting book, which sadly is sold out...hmmm...i think i will go to basheer more often, to see if the new book: d'artiste: matte painting has arrived or not. but no matter what, i will get the d'artiste: digital painting book. ya, these are wad made me happy today, although it is temporary, but it's sufficient, let's see how the days pass me by ba.

while going to Mount Elizabeth today, i had a discussion with my parents in the car about going overseas to study. ya, this topic doesn't seem to have any outcome. they suggested going to australia to study first, work for a few years then go to usa to get my masters. ya. but are there any good art colleges in australia in the first place? if you know, do let me know. oh ya, i plan to study illustration or communication arts. the expose books have really inspired me to study this course. heard from mr lee that academy of art in san fran's illustraion course is good. ya. haiz. i need to sort out my problems's so infuriating. actually i never had a good impression of australia...australians, let alone study there. but if it's for the benefit of my future...why not? after's only a few years. sucks, i hate to spend money on uncertain stuff. i think i am doing alot of things of things to keep me preocuppied. ya. oh ya...another thing God planned for me
: i received a lobang from kelvin to keep me $ to earn summore. hope i can complete it before i go back to work. all the more i like to do free CIP if u got any thing, please call me...any thing at all.

oh yeah, this girl called wang yan, apparently from beijing, china, added me to msn. i dunno her and she dunno me...but how come she will add me leh? summore sent me an email, possibly in chinese, cuz i cannot read it in hotmail. weird, but i had a short conversation about university stuff with her last week. maybe it's not a her even. but ya, i had to use chinese in my msn converstaion. this is the 2nd time a china girl added me of msn "by mistake" follwing last year's girl called shirley who is studying in UK. guess i am occupied for the majority of tml too...hehe...i am so happy. maybe my happiness is a facade...'s appointment with doctor tay ended up with him writing this excuse letter for me...i try to decipher his doctor styled writing. so here it goes. (goes and look for the letter). eh, he asked the nurses to type it in neat i guess i can decipher it afterall.

here it goes:


the above mentioned sustained fractures of the right fibula on 17/5/05.

the fracture has united but he is not fit to run, jump or take part in his IPPT and strenuous training for the next one year.

kindly downgrade him accordingly.

thank you.

i guess this is the dream of many combat unit pple, but like i said before, i would not mind engaging in physical training, since i do not have motivation to exercise in my free time, actually i do...but i can't. sad. and PLEASE, don't say i chao kheng. why would i want to sustain injuries to myself for short term benefits?! i am not that shallow k.

tv programmes, blogging and drawing keeps me occupied.