Saturday, July 30, 2005

i think sim wong hoo should ask paris hilton... shoot a creative zen MP3 player commercial. there was a recent article which shows paris hilton's liking for the pink zen micro mp3 player made by creative. and judging from creative's losing sales to apple, i think sim should take this opportunity(by using paris) to boost the sales of the zen mp3 series.

i have already got an ad in mind featuring paris hilton...that might just make the zen mp3 players seem more than something that is always biting the dust of ipod. i really want creative to win apple cuz i am a singaporean and i support local products. furthermore, i own a zen neeon player. so all the more i want the zen series to be viewed more highly than the ipod. i think ipods are really common nowadays as well.

ok, the ad goes something like this.

1. paris and her posse(can ask nicole ritchie to act as well) wearing high school type of clothes enter the class room...

2. then the teacher announces that there is a pop quiz something like that. everyone panics, especially the paris gang.

3. then paris very calm...take out her creative player and listens to it.

4. then got as she listens to it...the music surges to her brain...the got those kind of electric pulse science fiction thingy image showing the electric pulse surge to her brain...then it zooms out to show a more enlightened paris face.(if she ever has one)

5. so now, she thinks of something to call off the quiz(i dunno wad she can think it's open to suggestions).

6. then all well ends well. and the words "be creative, get creative" appears at the end...'s lame but wadever, nowadays pple like lame stuff and this might work. i am so inspired to draw a storyboard for this ad...ahhahahz.

so mr sim, if u ever happen to come across this entry, please consider it and leave me a bhb...hahaha...