Saturday, September 10, 2005

it could have been ours...

yes...after reading Today just now, i realised that a disneyland deal could have been materialised in singapore in the 1990s. read the article here. if it was ours, wouldn't it be nice to say to ur frens "let's go to disneyland" in the weekends or the holidays. i wouldn't mind tho, being disneyphile, i think i would probably buy the annual pass so that i can literally pop into the themepark every day of the year. haha. but all these remains a dream and fantasy for many disneyphilic signaporeans, if there are any that i know of. heck the IRs la, i bet their themeparks won't beat disney's. they will probably come up with some low cost, low budget themeparks like escape(sorry for always arowing u ar, but i no choice cuz u choose to label urself as one when you know that u don't have the calibre). please, i don't want ferris wheels, bumper cars and those themeless coasters what not. those suck. a universal one will do fine tho, complementing the disney park in hong kong, like how you would find a universal park near a disney park. look at LA, there's universal studios hollywood and disneyland anaheim. then orlando, with universal orlando and walt disney world. the latest is japan, with universal osaka and tokyo disneyland. oh, not forgetting their european counterparts, there was(cuz now it's no longer under universal) universal's port of adventure in spain while paris have its disneyland paris. so, having a universal singapore(not style sounding enough hor?), or maybe it could be called universal studios SEA(south east asia). dunno la, but if it happens, better make it good and my dear singaporeans, dun be so giam siap k, cuz 快乐就好.


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