Sunday, September 11, 2005

i am still not done!

yes, thoughts of how singapore could have a disneyland triggered me to write this entry. urgh. btw, God bless america for today is Sept 11. ok, i think i will write it in an argumentative-social-studies-gp format.

disney parks have been charming and enchanting guests all over the world. from walt disney world in orlando, florida, to disneyland paris, france, visitors to these parks have been enthralled by the well themed and thought out attractions littered all over each park. i personally feel that this growing franchise of disney styled parks should be brought to places that hasn't expericenced the magic of disney parks. come tomorrow, hong kong will be one lucky city to claim the magic of disney within its territories. however, i am rather dismayed since this hong kong park could have been ours. here, in sunny, tropical singapore.

in the 1990s, a proposed park was supposed to be built at a sprawling plot of land at north western singapore. which, for your information, is probably where the likes of the singapore turf club is. what are the benefits you may ask. aplenty.

the construction of this park could answer the age old questions asked by many singaporeans: "eh, saturday u want to go where ar?" yes, i am one of those. that's it, singapore has not enough attractions to lure the young and fun-seekers. a disney park is one option. however, you may question the spending power of the young. the average amount of money that they spend on one saturday alone is sufficient to purchase at least 3 disney tickets, costing $50 each. and it would be a better alternative as compared to clubbing or pubbing, in my opinion that is. and a far greater and bigger place to people watch(if that is your intention). i believe that singapore is ready for a disney park. having being exposed to the characters and stories of disney tales for years. it is no doubt that a disney park here will do well. furthermore, it will attract neighbouring south east asian countries like the phillipines, indonesia and thailand, in view of the increase in disposable income of their people.

according to statistics, there are thousands of singaporeans spending thousands of dollars going overseas to other disney parks. well, for below hundred, they can experience the disney magic right at home. wouldn't that be great. in addition, it will reduce the outflow of tourism revenue into other countries.

now that the hong kong park is materialised, hopes for a similar park in singapore has gone up the smoke. (in other words, sim tia ar! it could have been ours!!!!!) ask yourself, why we should get a disney park? my answer would be in the words of a famous Beachboy's song: "wouldn't it be nice".

haiz...all cuz of the giam siap gahmen.


Anonymous xin said...

haha...hmmm get over the disneyland thing lar... it will never come singapore anymore liao. haha.. go over there instead. lol fab

5:32 PM, September 12, 2005  
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