Sunday, September 25, 2005


...another week has just passed. last monday seemed so long ago. urgh...i joked with my course and RP mates on friday that i would be volunteering myself to go DB instead of SAFPU for course, cuz, afterall, both places drive u crazy. another stressful week to go thru...mentally stressful i think. ok, let's hope that next week will pass me by faster.

basically what keeps me going through the week is pretty simple, going back to play sim city rush hour, flipping thru my d'artise: digital painting book and going back IN TIME to watch da chang jin. spent a day walking the boardwalk of macritchie reservoir yesterday...saw those monkeys that are abundant in ammo base camp too. very cute...ha. oh yeah...i want to play with animals. too bad i live in a pigeon hole.

ok, now i need motivation to do the things i more po po ma ma already. shit, had enough of those days. urgh.