Saturday, October 22, 2005

find me a counsellor

i find it really hard to counsel myself lately to the extent that i am really bent on getting one for myself. it's been quite long since i have blogged any substantial stuff on this decaying site. i have been contemplating the motives of various people to the extent of being a tad paranoid. quoting ms sharon phua, my favourite GP teacher, "there are no true friendships in this world, but they are based on common interests". i actually cannot say that it is an exact quote since i do not know exactly wad she said, but u get the point. with weehao's help i managed to get this very close approximation of wad she had said. ah, if only i had my GP file with me.

that quote set me thinking. are friendships really based on common interests? something like a symbiotic relationship?(symbiosis?) from my experience in recent years, yes. i am going to say crude stuff here, but ya, it's wad i feel. u get married, why? for a reason right? pple get married for sex, to reproduce, to buy HDB flats. correct? u get married cuz u love each other, mostly, this reason is bullshit. dun u agree? same reason u get a boyfren/girlfren. satisfy your sexual desires, impress pple, show pple that you are attractive and is able to have a parasite clinging onto you at any moment. i am not saying all relationships are like that, but most are.(the important lessons u learnt from ms phua: dun generalise) if u are attractive, blablabla, you dun need to have a bf/gf. the pple around u can be your gfs/bfs. to kiss and touch each other is just an excuse. why do we seperate our frens into gf/bf and normal frens? wad the heck is normal frens? it's like u called a fren you have known for say 5 years a normal fren and someone you just know like for 1 year ur bf/gf? and only give priority to the latter? in my opinion, until u get married, everyone is ur normal fren. it's really quite sick and irritating to hear stuff like, u are only my normal fren, its awkward to go out with u alone. wad the hell? wad's wrong with that? i think we shouldn't have this kind of preconception, that normal friends, as most pple call it, cannot go on normal dates 1 on 1, especially if they are of opposite sex.

ok, i seem to be digressing from ms phua's million dollar quote. i find that in life, like in the corporate world, there are conglomerates, mncs and then there are small individual businesses. i think i belong to the small indi biz sector. the conglomerates are pple with lots and lots of frens and the small indi biz are well, the opposite. but, conglomerates rarely have any connection or relation with SIBs unless, unless they are extremely despo, finding no help in their mega corporate world and turning to the SIBs for small projects and then, after ther transactions are done, they will have no reason wadsoever to do with the SIBs. but if SIBs have to do this, it says that these big firms know that the SIBs are bloody good to the extent that these conglomerates are willing to risk and work with them. interesting analogy ain' it? please dun copy it please. :)
but in the corporate world, this is acceptable. but if it happens in our personal life, i can't stand it.

too bad it's happening...


Blogger DGlux said...

That happens when human thinks too much. You see, the world is actually not as simple as it seemed. But if we don't think too much, it will then be simple.
Too bad. We have brains.
And a heart as well.

12:22 AM, October 23, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:25 AM, October 23, 2005  
Blogger fabz said...

F u "anonymous"!

1:29 AM, October 23, 2005  
Anonymous xin said...

wah.... u r thinking too much. hmmm i shan't think of such complicated stuff and just let my heart do the thinking. really. use the mind for such complex anaysis the answers will still go back to the first qn u ask urself i feel.

12:17 PM, October 23, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like what WH said. No, not that we have been thinking too much. Too much or not is something relative. When pple around u are thinking more than u do, u couldnt possibly be thinking too much. It is the opposite.
We have been thinking too little. That is why when we came into realisation of the real world only now, the truth hurts so much. It is always a struggle bet the heart and mind. I hate everything now. I hate the world, I hate humans.

1:12 PM, October 23, 2005  
Anonymous zhiping said...

sometime in ur life u will get all these wierd thoughts. for me i tot of these things b4, totally no motivation to do stuff for a period of time. but after that it turns out fine. maybe its gd if that occurs during ur ns. give some thought over it while enjoying ur stay in ns :P

11:19 AM, October 29, 2005  

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