Monday, October 17, 2005


...i am typing this in a fit of anger cuz i had poured water which i thought was hot water into my cup noodles...and wad happened? the bloody water was cold...shit. waste my money and the noodle. idiot. anyway, i am back from sunday duty. i hate the feeling of not being able to sleep peacefully and i think i am getting a headache now. shit.

ok, at least there was a consolation, my brother wants to join me to go HK...but not confirmed yet. but if he goes...i wun be able to have the buffet at las vegas sands. but i can get to go chef mickey's at HKDL.


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Blogger DGlux said...

put the cup inside mircowave oven lah... i hope u did that...

8:01 PM, October 21, 2005  
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