Thursday, October 13, 2005

something more constructive

i sure dun want to spend this off day in front of the comp, or the tv...but if i go out, it means i will have to spend money. ha...i am tempted to buy spectrum's ex. well, maybe not as ex as the ballistic books i have bought. come to think of it, it's almost half the price of the ballistic books...ya, i better hurry down to bras basah either today or tml or saturday to get it. i will be doing duty this sunday, wonder how that feels. ha, first time doing guard duty too. this off came in just in time. i cannot stand the feeling of not being able to i cannot stand having my biological clock going haywire too. f-ed up feeling. had gone thru that once, shall not want to go thru it anymore. shit, someone is frying pork chops, i cna smell it. idiot.

yesterday was the last episode of dae chang guem. in my opinion, the ending sucks. really...i was still like huh?! u call that an ending?! it's so anti climatic and, to put it bluntly, a waste of my time following the whole series. but anyway, thank God that the series ended...if not i will have to catch less sleep by watching the re-runs at 12.30 am. really...and ya...i can go out after work in the future, instead of rushing home to the tv. actaully i was bored after lady cui and her lackeys were being punished, cuz that's the whole point of watching the show isn't it. oh ya, there will be no more "마마님"s(pronounced as "ma ma nim", korean for madam), "초나"s(pronouced as "cho na", korean for your majesty)being enuciated by the palace maids and chang jin. these words are being said and said time and time again to the extent of being an irritant. ok, other that these, i have no qualms abt the show. great show, bad ending.


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