Wednesday, August 24, 2005

dun waste my time can? is totally wasted on going down to CMPB for the pilot selection interview. it's actually if u want to sign on then u go. i knew this...but i din know can dun go one. plus summore they have been pestering me since june. lucky i met zixu there...heh, he told me can withdraw...if not i will be one of the last few candidates to go for the interview. that means more waiting...

actually the main reason for me to withdraw is that i have no, zlich, kosong interest in signing on in the airforce. during the briefing, this person(shall not name the rank) told us to prepare answers to questions like "how would u be able to contribute to the airforce?", 'wad aircraft would you like to pilot?", "wad are the aircrafts used in the tsunami relief effort?". am i supposed to know?! i like planes...but not army kind of planes. think if i tell them "urm...i think they use the boeing 747?" i think they will be like "KNN! u trying to joke with us is it? dun waste our time sia!" and if i answered "sorry sir, i dunno". in their mind they would be thinking "chao private, waste our time only". i am a considerate person, so i withdrew for your sakes, and mine too. seriously, i only know about passenger jets...haha. oh ya, they are replaying the same channel u navy show at the waiting room...please la...change new shows can? the last time i saw it was 6months ago...when i went for the pilot selection test(can't believe i passed it).

i still cannot get over how successful the spray-ur-no.4-buttons-if-they-are-discoloured experiment is...haha. oh ya, i am still considered recruit in the list and under BMT...but i believe they made a mistake cuz i am receiving private pay liaoz.

ya...i am counting the days till i return to tekong for my downgrade. and posting...hmmm...i hope they wun drag it till like forever. cuz now...i am like a 孤魂野鬼.'s the first time i wore my number 4 since the is the 14th week, or, 3 months and 2 weeks after the fracture incident.


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