Thursday, August 25, 2005

i like wad i eat now carbs in my meals now. excpet for the occassional bread. eating steamed fish with my mum's ground ginger and chilli paste...yum. not forgetting the nice vegetables accompanying it. yup, veges are nice.

oh ya! NTUC!!!! fancy building a golf course at marina east, u know that place belongs exclusively and specially for me to build my future theme park?! urgh...k...i am just kidding...

but i would like to see better use of marina east rather than a golf course. a theme park would be a better choice right? mn ji lei dei zheng fu deem miong shiong gae. at least a themepark would be suitable for all ages right? haiya! mn zhee ngo gei lau ar. but anyways, they monopolise the country so ya...we got no right to gong wa right? anything beats a fancy golf course tho. cuz not everyone can afford, or even will like the game...and they are allocating about 0.5% OF TEENY WEENY singapore for this purpose? i dun think so. aiya...k lor...if u guys think it's the best then go ahead with it lor.


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