Sunday, August 28, 2005

regrets and such

ya...these 3 months and 2 weeks just flew by without me knowing it. and ya, abt 6 months of my NS has been served(or rather, majority of it remians unserved, ha), 1.5 more years to go. kind of fast. i had some regrets not doing certain stuff which i could do during this long hiatus from NS, but there are some good things which came out of it.

first, ya, the AEP exhibition, buying the graphic tablet and practising digital art, practise my painting skills with the UOB exhibition paintings(which sadly, didn't get accepted). oh ya, although i din get to make new frens but at least existing friendships were made stronger. yupz...God bless my posting again...heh.

this is basically like a repeat ofmy previous entry hor? haha...anyway, wad i regretted is not learning a third language...but this could still be possible if my new vocation gives me an 8-5 job. i din go back to rv to visit ms ong, last time i saw her was before i got enlisted. ha. sian diaoz...tml must wake up early...haven done that for like 3months liaoz...haha