Monday, August 08, 2005

wad a nostalgic day

woke up damn early to go back to tekong today. actually i couldn't really sleep last night. tekong was pretty much the felt really nostalgic going back to SFT and walking the long road back to Bronco company. the company line was rather quiet, i mean...the whole camp was quite deserted. managed to see moses back there...he's got a new hairstyle. haha. and Wo razali was funny...haha...he did the "ice!" thingy to me to test if i really was from the previous batch of bronco. haha. poor moses, doing duty other specs were there...haha. but the recruits have to book in tml evening, i saw on the whiteboard. sad. lol.

opening the duffel bag was like opening a time capsule. the memories and smells(yes...literally) of BMT(3 months ago) were locked under the zippers of the black bag, only to be released this afternoon. lol, how sentimental.

a rather ingenius way my bunk mates had came up with to pack the multitude of stuff i had. in fact, they were rather neat in packing them...heh

my helmet and webbing

the things i thought i had lost: my bible, the precious notebooks, my fav watch and the FM radio

and ya...the hideous fonts of the bronco tee...i wonder who paid the shirt for me?


oh yeah...saw a few familiar faces today when i went back tekong. saw eng keat of 4G when i was at SFT...heh, had a nice chat with him while waiting an hour plus plus for the ferry. heh

then saw daifeng, former plt 2 mate. i guess the army limits one's vocab to "F*** You"s . haha, that's the only thing he said to me when i told him about the long MC i got. he was pissed that he is stuck in SISPEC...ha


Anonymous TEE said...

Haha... wow, then the bag must be damn stinky lah? ha.. acutally i also haven touched my bag for two months liao since BMT. All my combat stuff and tolietries still inside. Haha..

9:55 PM, August 14, 2005  

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