Thursday, September 08, 2005

Desk King

i am unofficially the desk king of ammo base guard room...haha...cuz of my ability to do only desk jobs, ya...i have been given most slots at the desk. filling up names and ic nums of the pple that go into ammo base. haha. to the extent that i can recognise some of the regular pple liaoz. haha...but i still got alot to learn tho, cuz i screw up at times...but i am new la...haha, so cannot blame me. ha.

anyway, the pple at ammo base RP are rather nice pple...and one of them is like a friendster link. as in, i knew a lot, and i mean a lot of the people that he knows.

my block and blk 36 are getting a fresh new coat of paint, and it's bloody pink and orange in colour. not that i dun like it tho, but bloody because at night, the pink parts(which is the majority), gives out, or rather, exudes this reddish glow that u see shining haunted houses in horror films. i guess it's abit too red for me.

oh ya, i got to realise the meaning of 不是你的, 不要硬硬要. yes, very true. haha, give u an example, fracture. ya, i actually chose to become a commander in those pink forms which they gave us during bmt. but fate decided otherwise. so here comes along the fracture. mean fracture, with the fracture, there is no hell of a chance that i will be able to go thru those hell-like courses of sispec or ocs. hahah. so ya, if it isn't yours, it's not yours, dun ever try to get it. but ya, why go thru hell to earn those mullahs? it isn't worth the suffering tho. sure, it's prestigious and bla bla bla, and u get to train and keep fit too. but all these will most prob be over if u do not intend to sign on and etc etc. and i feel that these courses should be given priority to those with intentions of signing on in the army. cuz SAF, u will be wasting the freakin taxpayers' money on those unloyal pple who are just there for the mullahs, completely wasting their time and the trainers' time there. this are just my honest opinions. u say i jealous also can but never mind. altho i am a very very very low ranking army personnel, i enjoy this life, ha, tho there are "shit work" to be done, well, it's not as if i am getting over paid by doing it.

better enjoy my day off tml. ha. i get so irritated when i see incompetent pple(not that i am saying i am very competent as well) getting admired and such. bah. shit.

i find that i have to justify wad i say cuz now blogs are getting very very unprivate, all cuz of the galmourisation of blogging and being famous for your blogs. it's pure shit lor. this may sound very very very cliche, but blogs, to me, are like personal websites, and for u to write ur own feelings. with the rise of xiaxue(and probably a fall now), alot of pple are turning to blogs to seek fame and fortune. not that there's anyhting wrong with doing that but, is it neccessary?'s damn confusing. the world's coming to an end like the bible had predicted.

bouts of jealousy are clouding my blood vessels, just like how the abundant midichlorians are squirming about darth vader's blood.


Anonymous zhiping said...

i tink boyang is at ammo base, can tell him to find u at the guard room

10:00 AM, September 10, 2005  
Blogger fabz said...

oh...i saw him there too!

3:37 PM, September 10, 2005  
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