Tuesday, August 30, 2005

of insanity and kiasee-ness

0725: back in the penguin ferry, quite alot of recruiys and privates coming back. shit, the sight of food now appalls me! reall! yuck lor, ee-uur. the sunrise is beautiful. i have got a sudden urge to puke...eek...i think i should skip lunch today...should i? oh no...the smell of the char siwe bao the private 3 seats away from me is eating is nauseating...urgh. it's in the ferry some more.

0736: pple are afraid of me ar? the ferry so crowded yet no one chose to sit with me...hahah...but that could be a good thing...haha.

1013: nothing is more boring when ur job scope is being reduced to the sharpening of pencils. it's really depressing, i am dying of lead cancer...we actually have to sort of forms for recruits... well, i shouldn't be complaining.

1840: now in the mrt back home. today was definitely most ok except for the cutting of recruits' evening coupons. tiring stuff. my fingers damn pain. it's actaully ok la...doing this kind of stuff was my thing. haha. got praised by this sgt cuz i helped him figure out how to punch 3 holes to file in paper into those 3 ringed files. ha. oh yeah, sgt faizan was on lunch duty today...heh...so long din see him he still can recognise me without my recruit look. haha. he looks the same...who doesn't in tekong...haha. hope he is doing fine tho.


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