Friday, September 02, 2005

last day...

1738: it's the last day in tekong for me, and i am on the ferry back to SFT as i am writing this. it's rather sad that while i got to know the manpower branch pple better, i have to leave the place already. oh well, 天下无不散之宴席. now i kind of looking forward to my new post at ammo base, at upper bukit timah road, as an rp. bid my farewells to the bronco company line pple, like mr eric(CQ) and sgt moses, PS hafiz. will will will miss them. I actually find tekong a rather nice place, if u are not in recruit(maybe some recruits like it too, i dunno). hmmm, oh ya, was thinking of turning tekong into an IR, haaha...the theme - the ARMY. hahahhaha. yup, happy birthday ps hafiz, thanks for training me and the rest of the platoon to be good soldiers. haha. I think after this entry, i will not write in this book(refers to the notebook that i used in the BMT) anymore and it shall be called "tekong memories". really...all the stuff written in there are all done in i will miss it.

Additional stuff: they had games day today too, the bronco teeshirt was much more slick than my batch's. see lor...i shouldn't have left tekong so early back then. then schl 2 had 24km route the rain was damn impressive to see all of them do cool down together as a schl in the parade square.


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