Monday, August 29, 2005

"Island Life, Love it.."

"...the days are fun and the nights are magic!"

if only the same could be said about tekong. ok la, it's not that bad over there la.

finally, my MC ended and i am now on board a fast craft with alot of ghurkas(nepalese soldiers). going back to tekong without being a trainee there feels good since u have nothing MUCH to worry about. i stress on the word "much". think i am early, reporting time 9am, but yar, i love to be early.

1108hrs: the shocking truth: i will have to go back to tekong aka monks' island for the rest of this week, as a slack/sian/gu hun ye gui. sucks! ok, so i gotta catch the 7.30am fast craft, so must be at sft by 715 or by 730...urgh...this sucks. it's gonna be temporary right? but for how long? oh ya, just overheard the major in the office talking to dragon coy(i think) abt sgt faizan...doesn't seem too good to me. something abt not being able to contact him while he is on MC...

1850: dun u love the island life?! *sings the sentosa theme song* (sarcasm intended). but it may not be so bad being a private in BMTC, cuz there are pple lower ranking than u: RECRUITS!!!! think that i was one of them few months back. in fact it was quite nostalgic going back there today wearing my smart 4. urgh...sian...gotta sleep early and do everything early. aiya...stop complaining liaoz la, ur army life compared to the others considered good liaoz k. haiya...ya...i shall see...


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