Thursday, August 11, 2005

borrowing of painter books...

i am going painter crazy again...went to jurong east library to borrow painter books, to spur my illustration craze. i have slowly reverted back to my pre army life...slacking and slacking...i really want to run...i got this urge to run and jog...but i can't! (else my bone will break again). BMT has really spurred me to run and run...after running...although u feel exhausted and stuff...u feel extremely good and high(serious). dunno if it is just me but after every streneuous activity in BMT, i will be smiling...then my bunk mates will be like " come you are always so happy?" come to think of's pretty weird for me to be like that. but..."做人为快乐资本" (is the "zi" this "zi"?).

oh yea...what was i going to say?

oh, i am thinking of doing a "自恋" series of tee shirts whereby a stylised portrait of the wearerwill be printed in front of the teeshirt and the words "我自恋, so what?" printed at the back of it...ahhaha...came up with the idea while swimming just now...haha.