Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Random thoughts over the week

i guess this entry will be a wednesday thingy.

i feel really unhealthy this particular week...i am not sick or wad...but i feel particularly unhealthy, must be the food i ate and stuff...i tried to eat as little carbs as possible already. hmmm.


national day was in..compared to the prev years when all i did was slack at home. hmmm...the singing of the national anthem together with so many people was really emotional...ya. i could feel the patriotism in me then...haha. singapore is really not bad a place to live in already. but how i wish it has more this.

i am really obsessed with land reclamation and building new stuff...hmmm...maybe i should do archi then. ha. but really...singapore is toooooo small.


nothing nice happened really nothing much in this issue of Random thoughts...