Sunday, August 14, 2005

pure indulgence...

ballistic publishing books are pure indulgence...or rather...the images that are contained within the covers of the expose series and other books are pure indulgence. i can look at them all day and not feel sian. someone please get me all the ballistic publishing books please...they are terribly expensive. oh well...maybe i can just get one of their books, which costs $75...but i will feel terribly guilty after that. maybe i should jsut go to basheer book store every day and flip through its pages. speaking of basheer book store, this book store, although chock full of graphic books(graphic as in art books like architecture and design) that puts kino's graphic section to shame. really lor...some of the books are not even sold in kino. aiya...wish i strike lottery la...haha.

nvm...go find part time job after i get my posting.